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Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles should be attached as Word files. Charts and tables should be attached as Excel files. Include the author's phone and fax numbers. Please do not send PDFs, even if the article has already been published in another journal or magazine. Our production process requires a Microsoft Word file.

  2. Submissions for consideration as special reports should be no more than 100 double-spaced pages. Submissions for consideration as viewpoints, practice articles, or other commentary should be no more than 20 double-spaced pages.

  3. Article titles and subheads should be as short as possible. If your article has more than one level of subheads, use the following system:

    I. Level 1A. Level 2i. Level 3a. Level 4
  4. We use a modified Blue Book style of citations. Citations to articles that appear in Tax Notes, Tax Notes International, and State Tax Notes should be as follows:

    Jones, "Tax Reform Is Good," Tax Notes, Oct. 15, 2005, p. 253.

    Smith, "U.K. Changes VAT Rules" Tax Notes Int'l, Jan.1, 2006, p. 666.

    Doe, "Sales Tax Should Be Streamlined," State Tax Notes, Nov. 1, 2005, p. 123.

    a. Citations to articles in newspapers and nonlegal journals (such as The New York Times or Forbes) should follow that style.

    b. Citations to items in Tax Notes Today (TNT), Worldwide Tax Daily (WTD), and State Tax Today (STT) that do not appear in Tax Notes, Tax Notes International, and State Tax Notes should always be cited as follows:

    Letter to Treasury from John Q. Lawyer, Doc 2005-12345, 2005 TNT 123-45 (Oct. 15, 2005).

    For prior coverage of the judgment in the Marks & Spencer case, see 2006 WTD 132-14 or Doc 2006-34567.

    For the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision in Sherwin-Williams, see Doc 2005-24629 or 2005 STT 213-20.

    c. If you are citing to something that appears in Tax Notes, use only the Tax Notes citation and not the doc number or TNT cite.

    d. Citations to articles from law reviews and similar journals should be as follows:

    Smith, "Tax Reform Is Good," 56 Tax Law Rev. 345 (Jan. 2004).
    e. Authors' names should be in roman, article titles should be in quotation marks, and book and journal titles should be in italics — all with initial caps only.

    f. If you cite something more than once, use a shortened version in all footnotes after the first one.

    Example: Smith, supra note 1 at 352.
    g. Do not use Roman numerals for footnote numbering.

    h. Please try to keep footnotes to a reasonable minimum.

  5. For all submissions, include a short (one or two sentences) bio of the author(s). For Tax Notes special reports only, include a one- or two-paragraph summary of the article.

  6. For specific information regarding individual publications, including where to send submissions, please see the box located to the right.